It’s a love affair with eyewear

I’m often asked, “how many pair of eyeglasses do you own?”.

As I have an addiction to beautiful fine eyewear the tally is always growing.  It would be impossible for me to own just one pair of specs! I have the ones I wear to work and I usually work 6 days a week.  I certainly don’t wear the same clothes everyday, nor the same shoes 365 days a year.  Now granted, I’m a huge fan of black clothes and solid colors, so I look to accessories for my impact. I like scarves, shoes, handbags, and interestingly I wear the same jewelry just about everyday, but for my impact I choose eyewear. I have the solid black pair, the tortoise and black pair, the all tortoise pair, the matte gold cat eye, the cocktail party pair, the aqua and green pair, the vintage crystal pair which are all for work alone, and then for play…well – you get the picture.

Then there’s my sunglass crush! I have the wonderful matte butterscotch slightly antique looking with the perfect vintage green lenses that I love – of course, given the right outfit; the large black glamour pair, with the perfect dark tint to compliment my skin and the frame, which every woman should own (it’s an Audrey thing); the large aviators that I adore, with a very sophisticated lens that has numerous coatings to make the look more special; the sports pair for moments when know I’m going to sweat; the garden pair that have  changeable lenses, as I find I’m in and out of the garage when working in my flowers, and the happy pair that has a splash of color, and screams -I’m here for the party!  I have just ordered a pair that makes me think I just might be a rock star! And why? Because I love them!

I’m pretty certain I’d be very bored with just one pair of glasses and I wouldn’t hang out in the sun without my sunscreen, so why wouldn’t I protect my eyes?

My name is Becky and I love fine eyewear!

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The View in Lynchburg

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