Happy Eyes [guest blogger]

On a scale of just toe tapping to dancing around in euphoria, these glasses are euphoric dancing plus tail wagging puppy kissing fabulous!  Becky fit me with glasses that make me better looking and younger when I wear them than I actually am… now for the back story.

I absolutely hate shopping.  I like to know what I want and get in and get out.  When I found my eye sight changing and eye strain taking it’s toll at the end of the day, I dreaded having to shop for eyewear.  I had heard great things about The View and it’s gracious owner Becky Causey, but I was still not looking forward to shopping.  I went to the optometrist and obtained my prescription and then made my appointment with Becky.  I arrived a few minutes early thinking I would do a drive by of her display case to shave time off of the anticipated ordeal of shopping.  Becky invited me into her fitting area, I took a deep breath, sat down and pointed to 2 frames I had thought might work.  She gently informed me that they would not flatter me and proceeded to bring out 6 pair that blew me away.  My doubt and reluctance melted away with Becky’s smile and her knowledgeable advice about what eyewear would work best for me at work and play.

She made the experience fun, entertaining and educational.  I had a fantastic time shopping for eyewear and ended up with the best looking, best fitting pair of progressive multi-focal lenses.

To make it all even sweeter when the glasses were completed and I put them on for the first time, my eyes said “AHHHHH”!  Eye strain gone…I was expecting an adjustment period, you know, like being a high stepper until my eyes adjusted to the 2 different fields of correction, but there was none.  The lens were perfect and Becky’s measurements for me were spot on, so no adjustment.  Just smooth sailing happy eyes!

It’s been 13 months and my glasses are still perfect and I now have a second pair and will probably add to my eye wardrobe more often because of the magic Becky performs with glasses.  No outfit ever did for me what her glasses do for me.

Dr. Janine Oliver, Greensboro, NC

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