World Through my Eyes [guest blogger]

As someone who wore my contacts more often than not, glasses were never my thing… I used them when my eyes were too tired for my contacts. Previous experiences with eye wear led me to feeling like I was seeing through coke bottles and required time to get adjusted to my altered prescription, but…

The afternoon I put on my new Anne et Valentin at the View, my world became a technicolor canvas of beautiful images that I never noticed the detail of.  Architectural details; shades of blue, yellow and orange in the sky, and the facial details of a pedestrian across the street.  These were things that seemed to shout out at me to view, as if I had a beginners mind and everything seemed new.

Thank you Becky.  The exceptional customer service, knowledge of the product and the professionalism she encompasses, Becky delivers the entire package and makes the shopping experience like none other.

Audra, Greensboro, NC

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The View in Lynchburg

A hip little optical shop with a passion for fashion!

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