Glasses Obsessed [Guest Blogger]

I have always wanted glasses; my parents wore glasses, all of my favorite book characters wore glasses, Clark Kent occasionally wore glasses- they were cool and I wanted them. My wish came true when I was ten years old. They figured out that the reason why I couldn’t pass an English test, but was reading college level books was because I couldn’t see the board to take notes.

I finally had my first pair of glasses! I was so excited because I could read street signs and big bulletin boards. However, my frames were horrendous. They were small, this weird purple/ brown color, and they didn’t fit my face or my head AT ALL. I was constantly pushing them up my nose and peering through the tiny frames.

When my parents figured out that I wasn’t really a contact person, my mom decided to take me to her nice glasses store so I could get some good quality frames. That was when I met Becky and I was blown away. I was twelve by this point and thought Becky was the bee’s knee. She owned her own store and she got to bring her dogs to work! Plus, like all of my other heroes, she wore glasses.

I was sold almost immediately. My first pair of glasses from The View were pink. And not a pale, quiet pink, but hot, punch you in the face pink. They were absolutely marvelous and I wore them for years after. Since that first pair, years ago, I have continued to be a loyal customer of The View. Going down to 327 S Elm now feels like returning home. Whenever I am home from college, I always go down to The View to say hi and just to hang out. I now work at The View part time, but I am still blown away by new frames every day and I always leave a summer at The View with a new pair.

Whether you have always been obsessed with glasses, like me, or not, there is no excuse for bad glasses. They are probably the first thing people see when they meet you. If you are willing to spend hundreds on suits, shoes, and outfits to make a good impression, why wouldn’t you want to spend the same on something that not only helps you see, but sits on your face? Go see Becky and start to make an amazing first impression every time.

-Taylor Curry

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The View in Lynchburg

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