Here’s to the Journey..


It’s hard to believe that it’s been two years since we opened our doors at 815 Church Street, and Lynchburg you’ve treated us well.

When we were first welcomed into this beautiful city, Lynchburg was going through a revitalization.  From the waterfront building to the new shops opening, we relished in our time getting to know the local antique shops, tea houses and the incredible restaurants.  But it’s the people of the area that kept drawing us back. Thank you for the open arms that immediately helped us feel connected to the community.

While our experiences in Lynchburg were flourishing, there were challenges happening at home.  Early last summer, owner, Becky Causey went through many hours of medical testing  and after being in remission for 18 years, was diagnosed with T-cell acute lymphoblastic lymphoma in late August.  Lymphoma, the most common type of blood cancer, occurs when white blood cells grow uncontrollably. With a “Glass half full” attitude, Becky began chemotherapy in September at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center in Winston-Salem, NC.  Her attitude, love of life and gratitude for those in her life, really are a testament to the type of woman she is.  Sadly, so many go through this without the support of family or friends.   She is preparing to enter UNC Chapel Hill Cancer Center for a Bone Marrow Transplant before the end of the year. Without this transplant, she will have a short lived life and remarkably, Becky’s sister is a match.  While 70% of patients who need a transplant don’t have a family match, they rely on donor registries, like Be The Match  (  Being added to the bone marrow registry requires a cell sample taken by swabbing the cheek and could help so many in need.

Because of this news, it’s with great sadness that we are announcing the closing of our Lynchburg store.  We are full of gratitude for what these last two years have given us. While this may not be goodbye forever, it is goodbye for now and will allow us to focus on getting Becky healthy again.  Our huge store in Greensboro lives on with fabulous staff and amazing inventory.  We’d love to set your appointment with Marti or Mikaela, so call us at 336-274-1284.  You can follow us at too!

Thank you for your support, understanding and love.  

Here’s to a New Year!!

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