A different View

Beautiful eyewear, stunning spectacles or that perfect accessory.

We planned our hip little optical shop to be a special place where old meets new and brown meets blue.  A comfy little downtown spot, in a beautiful small southern city. Where the traditional welcome the progressive and the fashionable find their fête. A charming boutique to visit when it’s time for new spectacles. The View in Lynchburg is the perfect place to select the item you will wear for hours, days, weeks, years and even decades for some. Yes, that accessory that will be worn with all those different shoes, ties, suits, dresses, uniforms or bathrobes. Take your pick.

Perhaps like most of our clients, you realize there’s not one pair of shoes suitable for everything in your closet. Maybe you never realized you have options, choices and loads of variety. From materials to designs, coatings, colors, shapes, styles, fits and functions; It’s all part of the experience. Take your time, open your mind and enjoy the process of selecting your most important accessory.

Call us, make an appointment, bring your eyeglass Rx, and we’ll certainly surprise you with our expertise, options, inventory and personality. Come visit, share a coffee, tea or bubbles and enjoy all the wonderful views from Paris, Belgium, Germany and more. Slow down, savor the details, enjoy the moment and let us share our different view.

No, it’s not JUST a pair of eyeglasses,  It’s art for the eyes!

The View in Lynchburg is open by appointment , call for yours today.

336-601-6091 or email theviewinlynchburg@gmail.com

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